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Time-lapse of Outback Australia (Part II)


        • Check out Part II of the unique time-lapse video Outback Australia released exclusively by Australian Geographic.

Outback Australia Part II from Dayman Steptoe on Vimeo.



Time-lapse of Outback Australia (Part I)

      • This incredible time-lapse video was compiled from over 100,000 photographs taken from several remote locations in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Over 16,000Kms of 4WD adventure and a year of effort went into the making of this unique sequence of Australia and its Outback. Proudly released to Australian Geographic.

Outback Australia Part I from Dayman Steptoe on Vimeo.




Rare footage of an Arafura File Snake catching a Catfish in the Northern Territory of Australia.



Arafura File Snake V's Catfish - EXTREMELY rare footage from Dayman Steptoe on Vimeo.